Our Story – Part I

After dating for nearly 9 years and then being married for almost 7, Joel & Julie Landi were planning their divorce.  Born & raised in NY, the two are highly driven  high school sweethearts who everyone thought were the ‘perfect couple’.

They were two very strong willed individuals that set out to see their dreams come true with the attitude of win at all costs & their mantra… You help me achieve my dreams & I’ll help you achieve yours,  not realizing what that would cost them.

Joel, an Aerospace Physiologist & Officer in the US Navy at the time, was planning to move on base and pursue his dream career while Julie, a marketing professional with 106 year successful family business in her blood, was going to keep their home in San Clemente, CA and pursue hers.

Because after many efforts with therapy, religious organizations, and personal development & communication workshops they had decided it was time to call it quits.

Our Story – Part II

So in an attempt to ‘clear the deck’ they agreed to go thru one last conflict resolution process offered thru a church in attempt to settle the disputes outside of the lawyers’ offices and end things amicably (and less expensively).

They had decided they wanted to move on without threats of any skeletons in the closet that could potentially hinder the pursuit of their individual dreams & happiness.

To their surprise the tough face to face time of truth telling and vulnerable conversation opened up space for Joel to ask Julie if she wanted to start over.

And after going on a “first” date (post process) they decided to rebuild and spent the next 17 years rebuilding their marriage and helping others to do the same all around the world with their church.

Our Story – Part III

In 2013 they decided to begin their own conflict resolution company and The Performance Group was born where they began to help corporate partnerships as well as marriages reconcile and build new chapters for themselves, their companies and their families.

No less motivated to create great impact, income & intimacy they have learned the secrets of how to have one without forfeiting the others.

The Landi’s, have for obvious reasons, always had the heart to help marriages and had the great opportunity to be trained by some of the best reconciliation specialists themselves.

They definitely have their 10, 0000 hours in the trenches helping the most difficult marriage situations turn around and have been fortunate enough to see many companies, marriages and families  become better than ever.

They currently enjoy helping couples from around the world and their new mantra is …  “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together“.

Things have radically changed for The Landi’s and they specialize in helping other driven couples experience that same radical change that they believe is  so desperately needed  to build our communities in our world today.