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Forgiveness & Reconciliation

It is in the fires of conflict that greater strength, trust, wisdom and closeness will be forged in your relationships.  Remember, conflict resolution is a skill to be learned, just like driving, reading, writing, etc, an essential skill to thriving relationships whether in business or personally.  Getting Started : Set aside some quiet uninterrupted time […]

Listening to Hear

(Empathetic Listening for deeper emotional connection) Deeper emotional connection & intimacy will come when your partner feels heard.  So today is all about learning to listen better.  A good rule of thumb: Seek first to understand before being understood   Empathic listening is a way of listening and responding to another person that improves mutual understanding, trust and heartfelt connection. I am not […]

Married to a ‘Star’?

Have you ever thought to yourself, I am married to a ‘Star’, the life of the party, the center of attention, the prima donna?  Or she’s so ‘extra’ in my kids’ vernacular, or he is so irritatingly sure of himself? …..a ‘Star’ ? By ‘Star’ I mean someone who has… (one or any of the […]

The Pathway to becoming a “Power Couple”

Being very strong-minded does not have to hinder your partnership. Genuinely strong relationships are made up of genuinely strong individuals, not one always acquiescing to the other.  In fact, when one is consistently giving in to the other it leads to long term damage such as bitterness, deceit, frustration, separation, a lack of intimacy for couples […]

Valentine’s Day to near Divorce, what happened?

30 Years ago this Valentine’s Day,  Joel & I got engaged on a ski lift in NY with the temperature at -8 degrees. But it was so magical, I will never forget it! We were married the following October 1987 and the journey began.  What started off like a fairy tale proceeded to become a […]


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