Marriage 2.0 Private Couples Coaching

Marriage 2.0 Private Couples Coaching is a completely customized coaching package designed to accomplish your goals for your relationship.  This is for those that really want personalized support and training on how to have the best relationship possible.  Their relationship is a priority and they see the value that having the best possible relationship brings to their lives on every level.  They value & strive for excellence in every area of their lives physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and relationally.  Mediocrity is not acceptable.


The Rewired Experience

The Rewired Experience is a 2.5-day immersive experience for couples in conflict. It that makes sense for couples that are struggling with how and possibly even if they should continue on together.  It is for 2 strong willed individuals who feel powerless to influence each other and make the changes necessary to go forward. 

They are facing potential divorce, splitting of their family and assets if this conflict is not resolved.  In this weekend of accelerated learning we assist couples to untangle the root problem, resolve the conflict, restore the connection, create a new vision and map the strategy forward into their preferable futures.  

We have successfully crafted a package for you that is dynamic, experiential and borrows from the fields of timeless wisdom, common sense & cutting edge neuroscience. This is ideal for couples who do not want therapy, religion or the attorneys. 

Couples leave with new levels of confidence, understanding and competence relationally as well as greater excitement, hope and opportunity for fulfillment in their relationships.  We help couples become friends again.


Emotional Wealth Building VIP Day

Emotional Wealth Building VIP Day is a 1 day intensive & transformative learning experience for couples who know there must be more.  You will gain the freedom of mindset shift, the power of knowing your own & your partners conflict management styles and the joy of knowing how to make your love languages actionable. 

All 3 of these specific skills infuse your relationship with a new level of fulfillment.  It is for couples who want more and feel their relationship is just not where it could be.  It is an intensive and accelerated day of learning and growing and will “pop” your relationship to the next level. 

So much time, energy and opportunity are wasted in tiny friction points that steal the joy from what could be an otherwise deeply satisfying relationship experience. 

This day together will enable you to learn & practically capture a new level of emotional living that provides a much deeper return on investment with your relationship physically, financially and emotionally. 

For those that want and know there is a higher quality of life available thru their most important relationship this is a great investment of only 1 day, which is sure to pay dividends.


Marriage Workshop Keynotes & Facilitation

Marriage Workshop Keynotes & Facilitation: Having spoken, organized and lead many 1 day & multi–day marriage workshops around the world over the last 20+ years we are happy to create and organize something specifically for your audience that is sure to engage, entertain, educate and empower. 

Check out our upcoming “Come Fly With Me” Luxury marriage retreat late summer 2018.