“We have to thank God for putting Joel and Julie in our lives to show us the way”

Architect & Designer, New York

“My husband and I were so fortunate to encounter Joel and Julie Landi during a very troubling time in our marriage. After 4 years of heartaches, separation and all kinds of problems, we were at the end of our rope. We felt there was no hope for our relationship! When we met the Landis, they graciously invited us over to their home and a friendship started.

They were easy to talk to and to trust, they had many experiences in their own marriage that were challenging and that we could relate to, many of them similar to ours. Their vulnerability provided a safe place for us to deal with ours. They had a deep faith and a testimony of an amazing transformation in their own marriage.

These “conversations” with the Landis, helped us tremendously to understand that life was a lot more than what we saw in front of us. We only needed to be willing to to learn the skills needed to forgive, to be healed and to work independently on our own individual beliefs. Having the 2 of them by our sides during this time made all the difference.

We both could feel support we needed to make the changes necessary to be able to enjoy each other in a whole new way. Little by little we started to leave our fears and our past mistakes behind. It has not been easy but it has been completely worth it. My husband and I reconciled a very delicate and damaged relationship and went on to renew our vows & have another beautiful little girl together.

Resolving conflict has gotten so much easier and we have to thank God for putting Joel and Julie in our lives to show us the way and give us some very practical tools to improve our relationship in every way. We love them and give thanks often to God for putting them in our lives!

“I feel so much more bonded and connected to my husband now”

Attorney, Santa Barbara

“Really productive use of our time. I feel so much more bonded and connected to my husband now.

It was really great having that focused time on us and it was so exciting seeing my husband taking notes and really engaged in making changes for us.  

It was the best Thanksgiving ever for us, thank you.”

“I am successfully re-married to the most amazing woman and have never been happier”

CEO, New Port Beach

“My utilization of Joel’s skill set has been mostly on a personal relationship level. After having undergone a devastating relationship breakup of 13 years of marriage, I was left feeling despondent and debilitated toward believing that I can have any love relationship again.  

Joel’s keen ability to provide a safe place and his relationship insights got me over that hump and believing in myself again and now I not only believe in my own ability to love but I am successfully re-married to the most amazing woman and have never been happier

“They combine the best of each of them and serve many”

Director of Photography, Florida

When this couple approached TPG, after 23 years of marriage they were living separately, had already begun the splitting up process after a years of therapy and Christian counseling. Both were so defeated & downcast, it was a palpable feeling even sitting in their presence or talking on the phone.

But agreeing to give it one last shot, really more as a way to find their individual pathways forward than as a couple or a family, they flew out to LA to do our immersion (The Rewired Experience).

Sleeping in separate bedrooms, we worked with them to find their “3rd Option” and truly we witnessed a miracle. The were able to move thru some very stubborn limiting beliefs that had haunted them both for years, forgive & reconcile such a history that most would have been taken out by 20 years earlier.

They concluded their work with us by creating their own preferable futures. And on their flight back home, they began dreaming about creating their own collaborative project that would combine the best of each of them and serve many.

“To think how 3 days changed the trajectory of my entire life and my family’s”

Housewife, Los Angeles

Before beginning work with TPG, my husband & I, after 20 years of marriage were teetering on the verge of divorce. With many issues that had rocked the very foundation of our marriage, reconciliation & closeness seemed so far off. Bitterness over years of unresolved conflicts & unchanged behavior patterns had caused an unimaginable rift. 

After working with TPG, first thru a 3 day immersion (The Rewired Experience) everything shifted and hope opened a pathway. I remember driving Joel & Julie of TPG to the airport that Sunday afternoon, after our 1st 3 days together and turning around to say “ How is it that we had more change with you guys in 3 days than a therapist in 6 months?” I was amazed at how my world had opened up.

We then continued to work with them over the next year and this brought our marriage and family to an even stronger place enjoying even greater times together.    As a result of the newfound security between us, my husband was able to focus on his company with greater peace of mind & efficiency.

His company turned around and we saw the onboarding new clients and new employees creating a renewed confidence and boost professionally and financially, the likes of which he had not enjoyed in many years. 

I was able to take responsibility for my own happiness, build my vision based on my strengths and values, becoming more centered and secure in myself and my marriage than I had ever been. I finally was able to claim my own unique value that I bring to this world separate and apart from my accomplishments as a wife & mother.

My husband’s newfound respect for me & my newfound appreciation for him have been ‘gamechangers’ for us.   Now living in the spirit of victory & possibility we are celebrating with a month long trip together abroad to support both my new endeavor and our new chapter in marriage.

Wow, to think how 3 days changed the trajectory of my entire life and my family’s. Here’s to our next 20 years together!  May they be their best yet!